Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What does peace mean to you?

I asked myself this morning what peace really means? I thought about it and began coming up with answers.
  • It's being at rest when complete chaos is going on around you.
  • Realizing what fights aren't worth fighting.
  • Not being afraid of death (like Paul and Silas, and Jesus).
  • Not living in fear of anything.
It dosn't matter what situation your in, God will keep you at peace. As long as you keep Him the Lord of your life and learn to have complete trust in Him. Paul, Silas, and Jesus are great examples of having complete trust in God.

God has the peace that passes all understanding. To be at peace, is to enjoy the God that created you.

Let's face it, God is telling me that some of the people reading this are going to face some pretty tough times and some already have and are in it now. Learn to be at peace and trust that God is in control.

Yes, surrender control. It's a hard thing, but in the end you will be greatful that you did it, because God will save you from the trial you are in. He did it for Paul and Silas when they were in jail. They praised the Lord in the midst of being jailed and he removed them from the prision.

It dosn't matter what your going through, be at peace and everything will work out for the way God intended it.


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