Monday, October 18, 2010

From Impossible to Im - Possible

Sunday I saw the Lord come down and strip the word "impossible" from our DNA. No longer did we walk around in the mentallity that we can't do something because it defies our realm of possibilities.

God said that word had to be removed because we would not be able to live up to our full potential with Him until we let go of impossible and embrance "IM POSSIBLE".

And if we can't obtain our potential with God, we will never be able to gain our full potential in life, because our priorities should be God and then everything else.

Sure you can go and be successful in life, but God can take your life and make it extraordinary and magnify your wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

And the only way you will ever get to know the Lord in a real relationship, is to study his word and make it part of your DNA! Consume it and never let it go.


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