Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Controls You?

Last Sunday at church Bobby (pastor's wife) asked this question.  What can you NOT walk away from?  Think about it.  That is what controls you.

If you can't walk away from being stressed over finances, then that is what controls you.  If you can not stop playing a game, it controls you.

What controls you is what you put before God, which in essence is saying tha tis YOUR god.   One of Bobby's greatest examples was Jesus. 

He was arrested (John 18) and didn't fight the Roman soldiers.  He was beaten with a cat of 9 tails over thirty times, dragged a cross across a long distance, and then was nailed onto that cross (which was made of knotty dogwood).  If he had turned around and called down fire and brimstone, then He would have been letting His emotions control Him.  He was able to walk away from his emotions and focus on the bigger picture, which was giving His life so that we could have redemption.  

You see, when you let something control your life, you are missing out on the bigger picture.  If Jesus had gave into His emotions we would all be damned to live in fire and flame.  

Well, I guess it is time to work on these things in my own life.  Thought I would share this with everyone.

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