Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Are you like Israel in Jeremiah 2 - Jeremiah 2

The Lord had me read Jeremiah 2 and asked me why I was acting like Israel in that passage? They abandoned God after being blessed beyond measure and given every comfort they needed. So, I repented immediately.

After that I began to think...

I can't complain about some of the times I have lacked in the peace of mind department, when I put myself through most of it.  But this is what the Lord told me after I learned to overcome that state of fear.  "I brought you through, so that when much harder times come, you can see others through.  You can be support."

I feel as if sometimes the Lord throws things my way just so I learn how to overcome that thing in order to be someone's support someday.  Oh and I will do it with great joy.   Even if it's the most difficult thing I will have to do.  

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