Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Faith Is A Verb - Hebrews 11

Today I was trying to figure out what God means in Hebrews 11 regarding faith being "the evidence of things not seen." So, I asked God, "how is faith the evidence of things not seen."

And then He told me, "Faith is an action word." In other words, it's a verb. Ok.

Faith is something that is in action. Then in Hebrews 11, an account is listed of things that people endured.

God told some people to do some pretty strange things, like Abraham. Abraham was told to sacrifice his son, even though God promised him that child! Isaac was the only son he had and his only way of continuing his bloodline. But God did reward his faith and stopped Abraham from sacrificing Isaac.

Noah is another great example, God told him to build this giant boat in the middle of land. Everyone thought he was crazy until the storms came.

Moses, had to have faith in God to keep him alive while he escaped Egypt. Moses was told to raise his staff and part the red sea. He had the lives of the people of Israel in his charge.

Even Mary had to have alot of faith in God, so she wouldn't be killed by her own people for having a child outside of marriage, and then not having her son killed by Herod.

So I see through reflecting on all these accounts, that faith is something that is put to action, not just spoken of.

God wants you to put your faith to action. That means confronting what is coming and knowing that your God is going to keep you safe.


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