Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vision of D.C. and the President - 8/14/2011

While I was in church, I saw a vision of Washington D.C. in flames in covered in black smoldering smoke. There were bulldozers going around and knocking buildings down. Meanwhile, the President was standing over Washington, like a giant statue. He had his back to the White House and had this giant smug look on his face. He looked as if He knew what was going on but was liying to himself or the country about the truthe state of affairs.

Behind him, smashing down the White House was God, passing judgement and I could have gotten scared, but God said, "These things must happen."

Why God???? He replied, "It will cause the righteous to rise up and fight!"

So I guess those who really care about the USA, will start to rise up in the end days (now) and finally show a glimmer of pride for the nation.

I can't help but think about the end of days and how when the body of Christ departs, we will be missed.


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