Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Core Beliefs: What we must change in order to move on.

For the past two weeks, my pastor has been speaking on "Core Beliefs," i.e. what we really believe inside of us.  When God states that He can make a "way where there is no way,"  do we accept that and fully believe it or think in our hearts "Yeah, right." 

The reason people don't get miracles in their lives is because their core beliefs don't allow them to move any furthure beyond what they believe.  For example, I used to believe Siamese cats were the meanest cats to exist (well domesticated that is).   They don't like having anyone around them and they don't like being petted.

Then I made this friend who's mother breeds Siamese out of her home!  One day I went over and low and behold one walked right up to me and started sniffing me.  So, I let it, because I didn't want it to spaz out.  I made the remark to my friends mother about how nice that cat was.  She told me, "There only mean if you raise them wrong."   I did not know that if you use your hands to play with Siamese, they interpret it as agression and become mean as a defense.  That is what turns them mean, they weren't born that way.

My pastor challenged us to find a core belief and this week he challenged us to change it.   What is mine? 

Men.   I believe men think less of me.  Because I grew up with a grandparent who was old fashioned and from a time when women were socially below them (atleast that is what I think).   My biological father wasn't in my life, so I also believe they abandon me and don't care for me.  My first step father was an alcoholic who smoked cigarettes, and he was violent sometimes.  He would always look through my things, I never felt like I had privacy around him.  One day he was drunk enough to try and choke me.  So I started to believe that men try to hurt me.   My final step father would completely igore someone who was being annoying to him.   That lead me to believe that men don't care about me, even when I am being annoying.

All in all I have this core believe ->  Men only care about themselves.

This core belief has been a source of strife in my life, even with my husband, but then I started examinging how he treats me. 

He gives me a home, food on the table, pays my bills.  He loves God, he values my opinion, he listens to me, and has integrity.   He challenges my core beliefs, and in some ways, helps me change them.

God surpassed my expectations of a husband when I got Robert. :)   Because he's not that "typical male".

Love you.

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