Monday, April 22, 2013

Terror, I think not.

Terror (click word for website):  Is a state of intense fear, one that inspires fear (cause of anxiety, or an appalling person or thing), violent or destructive acts committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands, also "reign of terror".  
     The Lord told me to look up the word "terror" in a dictionary, and the above is a paraphrased definition, you can click on the word to go to the online website where the definition is listed.  Why?  Because after this week (the Boston bombings, Texas fertilizer plant explosion, multiple shootings, fires, all this all over the planet) the thought of terror has crossed my mind several times.   
     Sunday at church I saw in the spirit, the planet Earth from outer space.  I could see storms swirling around the entire planet.   The most violent ones came out of the middle East and countries around the European Union.  The storms over this part of the world were black and had tentacle like arms going around different places.  Out of that storm started spitting these black demonic soldiers on black horses, and they would ride off towards the United States.
     I asked God why just our country?  Simply because we are a country that defines what freedom is, and that is why our freedom is being put under attack.  Anyways, after these demonic soldiers came out of the black cloud, they would try and attack the United States, except they would explode upon impact with the East coast.  I could see a shield of God's protection lining that part of our nation.  
     Haven't you noticed in the past, that a lot of attacks on our nation come on the East coast?   Just thought I would post that.   
     Then more and more soldiers came out of the black cloud and the attacks were growing in intensity, and some managed to find holes in the shield, but for the most part, they were deterred, but there are open doors.  I would like to mention what they are, but that isn't the point of this blog.   
     After that I saw a giant angelic being step out of the midst of our country with a rod (representing authority), and he struck the waters of the Atlantic ocean, and caused a tidal wave that drowned the enemy much like the Egyptians were drowned.   Then the angelic being lifted his rod in the air and held it above his head (using both hands).     

And to the point now!
"violent or destructive acts committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands, also "reign of terror"
     God told me there is an attack on the spirit of freedom, in order to get you to change kingdoms.  Look at one of the meanings of "terror".  These attacks on our nation, on our freedom, were to get us to be intimidated into granting the demands of the terrorist. 
     By letting yourself be afraid of these terrorist and their actions, you are going from one kingdom (of God) to another (which is really no kingdom at all, it's bondage).  In this state of terror, you forget that you have the authority in Jesus Christ to "speak the word only and see the change".  
     So, instead of bowing down to a spirit of terror, put on stomping boots, and use the authority God has given you as a believer, and speak to this attack.  
     Because you are naive if you think there isn't going to be anymore of these attacks.   We are living in an age where we need our authority as a believer and it will make or break us if you don't use that.  So, start using it!
Genesis 1
28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.
     There you go, now you know where your dominion started, and frankly, you should be sad because I bet for most of your life you haven't used it.  Just forgive yourself.   The last phrase says "and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth" which means animal and man.  So, when you see something like bombings or murders, you speak to the situation and command justice upon that situation, and you will see it come to pass.

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