Monday, June 24, 2013

Visiting people in the spirit?

Can anyone confirm that it is possible for God to take you to see people in the spirit?  I have had several experiences, including one in a dream at night.

I don't tell people about these because they are so unusual.

Spanish Man -  This one was on an airplane and my spirit flowed up to the plane and started pleading with him to accept Jesus as his Lord and savior.

African Warlord (6/16/2013) - God sent me to Africa to see a man who was sitting on a chair that looked like a really cheap throne.  He told me to tell the man he had ten days to change his ways and come to God or else He would face sever judgement.  God knows what he is doing behind closed doors and to the people of his territory, and He will step in and put an end to it.  Ten days would be 6/26/2013, we will see if there is any news in Africa.

The entire time I was talking to him, I could feel the Holy Spirit welling up inside of me, or rolling around.  Don't know how to describe it.

Witch Doctor of Brazil (6/23/2013) - He walks the streets, causing great terror to the people there, and when he shows up, people go inside and shut the doors, and cover the windows, so he can't see inside.  He was wearing tribal gear, and when he approached me in the street, he looked me directly in the eyes.  His eyes were not natural, they were black and white.  Then they turned into black and white serpent eyes.   God told me not to touch him, and to walk seven circles around him, and after the seventh I began to prophecy to him to turn from his ways.  God was granting mercy to the man who has been so oppressed by demonic activity, that he had felt as if there was no way out.  He wanted to use this man as a means to minister to the people there that God is greater then any witch or any other power.   God told me to tell him that the people would be weary of him, and think this is a trick, and to expect it, but to be a blessing, not a curse.

God was going to show this man the authority of a believer and use him to teach others.

Asukai of Japan (6/23/2013) - She is a young lady who likes to sit on a balcony overlooking a busy street, I think at a restaurant.  He told me to tell her not to worry about life, and finding a man to marry, that He would provide for her, and eventually give her a man that would be a Godly person.  He was going to use them to come together in prayer for Japan, because He said that the great tsunami would not be the only tragic event hitting Japan.

Gina and her Husband Of Canada (6/23/2013) - Her husband and her will come back together, don't really remember much of what God told me to tell them.

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