Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What God Said About 2014

This up and coming year is going to be different, I can feel an excitement when I think about it. The Lord showed me a vision of field that had a gold line down the middle of it. To the right was a sea of white and the left was a sea of black. When I got closer, I saw that people were standing on both sides of the fields. The Lord said, “The dividing line between the world’s economy and the King’s economy has been struck.” People will be forced to make choices this year, and He also mentioned to me that evil will blatantly show it’s face.

I just sense a strong urgency to not keep my mouth shut anymore! The field is ripe for the harvest. He also wanted to get the point across, that when He speaks things to the body about the end of days, it’s not for the future, it is now! The time is at hand.

He is going to cause man to make their choice, whom will you follow? The Lord or the world. I can’t get past this one part. It’s weighing heavily on my mind.

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